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At Advanced Physical Medicine & Rehab of Miami, we know how hard it is for our patients after they experience the trauma of a car accident. To provide help to those who don’t have access to a vehicle or who are too nervous to drive on their own, we provide free transportation through Uber Health. This service will help transport you to our office and back home.

Auto accident injury patient being transported to chiropractor appointment for free

So, wait, Uber can take you to your medical appointments now?

According to Uber’s website, Uber Health is a “HIPAA compliant transportation platform for healthcare organizations.” Uber Health exists as a way to make an impact in reducing the number of missed medical appointments.

It is safe and trusted by thousands of patients. We’re more than happy to offer you an easy way to get to your appointment and provide you with one less thing you have to worry about.

To learn more about this free service, give us a call at (786) 422-9147 today!

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