Pain Management Injections

Spine and back injuries are prevalent after someone has been involved in a car accident. At Advanced Physical Medicine & Rehab of Miami, patients often visit our Miami office with varying levels of pain after such accidents, hoping we can help them with their recovery. Sometimes their pain level improves over time, but often, it can get progressively worse and cause a constant disturbance in their everyday life.

Patient recieving Pain Management Injections after an auto accident

Car accidents are so unexpected, but our patients are often even more surprised by how debilitating back pain can be. We know as an injured victim of a car accident; you are desperately seeking a solution. Injection therapy could be the solution for you. While it does not work for all patients, in all cases, the patients who do see results are happy to get relief.

Finding Relief with Injections

More traditional diagnosis techniques, like an MRI, do not always reveal the exact location of an injury or source of pain. More recently, techniques have developed to serve multiple purposes, two of which are to help locate the origins of the back pain while simultaneously relieving pain. These two types of injections serve the same purpose but for different parts of the back.

Injections, which can be in the form of trigger point injections, epidural steroid injections, or facet joint injections, are designed to "calm" the nerves in your spine. They usually combine a local anesthetic with a corticosteroid anti-inflammatory medication, which helps to reduce pain and inflammation in the injected area.

How Can a Pain Specialist Help You After an Accident?

If your neck pain does not improve with preliminary treatments, you should look into trying a few of our more advanced treatments, including:

  • Trigger Point Injections: this injection numbs the muscle, which helps relieve pain and makes it easier for you to start physical therapy.
  • Cervical Epidural: this injection places a steroid and numbing medication around a painful spinal disc, which reduces inflammation.
  • Selective Nerve Root Block: this injection puts numbing medication in your neck area, which helps pinpoint an irritated and painful nerve while relieving pain and determine if there are any further treatments needed.
  • Joint Injections: this numbing medication or a steroid injection helps reduce swelling and into the affected joints.
  • Occipital Nerve Block: this injection treatment helps reduce pain in the head and upper neck, including cervicogenic headaches and nerve pain.

If you or a loved one is having issues soothing the neck, back, or extremity pain, you should consider having therapeutic injections. At Advanced Physical Medicine & Rehab of Miami, we work with our patients to ensure that they recover entirely: physically, emotionally, and financially. Give us a call at (786) 422-9147 to get started on your journey to a pain-free life today!

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